Mazara. He was under house arrest and was dealing. The carabinieri seized 5 kilos of drugs from him

The Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Mazara del Vallo arrested for the crime of detention for the purpose of drug dealing, BG 55 years, convicted for specific crimes well known to the military.During a specific service aimed at combating drug trafficking, the soldiers of the Station together with their colleagues from the Operational Intervention Company of the 12th Sicily Regiment and the Dog Nucleus of Palermo Villagrazia, carried out a targeted personal and home search of of the arrested person, currently subjected to house arrest, given the large number of people who visited him every day. the weight of 5 kilos, plus 36 grams of hashish and material for weighing and packaging. The support of the AKIM dog was precious, which made it possible to find a large part of the seized drug. The arrested, at the end of the procedural formalities, was restricted to his home at the disposal of the AG pending the validation hearing held yesterday. Given his position, precedents and recidivism, the judge ordered the prison, which is why he was translated to the “Pietro Cerulli” of Trapani.

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