Mazara, fire destroys a building owned by the Municipality

A fire, probably of a malicious nature, broke out yesterday evening inside a building owned by the Municipality of Mazara del Vallo, in via Alpi (Miragliano area), used as a paper archive by the Offices. A team of Fire Brigade from the Mazara del Vallo detachment intervened on the spot. The flames destroyed folders containing files from various documents. The mayor Salvatore Quinci with the councilors Vincenzo Giacalone and Giacomo Mauro, together with the municipal technicians, carried out a first inspection, when the firefighters were still intent on putting out the fire. Another building belonging to the municipality, the municipal car park in via Rosario Ballatore, was targeted a few weeks ago by unknown persons who stole fuel from a municipal car. Inside the municipal building damaged last night by the fire in Mazara del Vallo there were documents from the draft office and other paper material from various offices. Municipal sources, however, clarify that the presence of documents relating to building permits and projects of the Technical Office is excluded. For over a year, in fact, the Urban Planning and Public Works archive has been set up in the premises of the former Court of Via Toniolo. In the meantime, after the first inspection after the fire was extinguished, it was ascertained that there was no damage to the structure but only blackened walls and a ripped door, which suggests the malicious matrix. The mayor Salvatore Quinci said he was “embittered by what happened”. (ANSA)

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