Mazara del vallo, stabbing in the center: a 23-year-old injured

Movida Mazarese still tragic. In fact, late yesterday evening just before midnight there was another stabbing. It all happened in the centre, between via delle Sette Chiese and via della Maddalena. A 23-year-old young man got the worst, who was hit by a blow to the abdomen. Still uncertain the cause in all probability seems to be linked to a violent quarrel between peers. The 118 paramedics immediately arrived on the spot and immediately took over the wounded man and transported him to the emergency room of the Abele Ajello hospital with many problems. In fact, the area is currently cordoned off due to the Blue Sea Land demonstration, so it has had to resort to alternative roads.

Once he arrived at the hospital, the young man received the necessary treatment. Once the alarm was triggered, a carabinieri patrol also arrived and started the investigation. Now the video surveillance images of the area are being viewed to identify the attacker to try to establish what may have triggered this fury.

Once again the city of Mazara is confirmed as violent. Already in recent months, other disputes have seen very young protagonists at the center. On the nights of 21st and 28th August last, four young men from Mazara were considered seriously suspected, in competition with each other, of the crime of serious and aggravated personal injuries attributable to facts committed in the center, in Mazara del Vallo, to the detriment of five Mazara local peers . In November then another episode on Halloween night. But there are still many cases like these and they have violent young people as protagonists.

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