Mazara del Vallo, identified three anchors from the Roman era at the bottom of the sea

Three anchors from the Roman era were found on the seabed in front of Mazara del Vallo, during a joint operation between the Superintendence of the Sea of ​​the Sicilian Region and the coastguard 3 ° underwater unit of Messina. The identification took place thanks to the report of a Mazara diver, Walter Marino and divers of the Naval League of Mazara during a recreational dive.

Two large lead anchor stocks, from Roman times, and an iron anchor being identified have been documented and found. The 3D survey carried out during the dive will allow you to carry out the first investigations on the consistency of the find. The site will be subject to further investigations in the coming weeks.

“Once again – says the Superintendent of the Sea Ferdinando Maurici – the synergy between the Port Authority and the Superintendency of the Sea with the active participation of the signalers, has allowed the discovery of an archaeological site which presents, in the light of information up to now acquired, the potential to turn out to be a future submerged cultural itinerary that can be enjoyed by diving enthusiasts and tourists. This is an opportunity for a territory that has already given so much to underwater archeology ».

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