Mazara del Vallo: Denise Pipitone’s mother speaks out after 19 years – ‘6939 days without truth and justice’

Nineteen years have passed since the disappearance of Denise Pipitone in Mazara del Vallo. Her mother, Piera Maggio, shares a post on social media to mark the 19th anniversary of her abduction. She expresses her frustration and sadness with the lack of truth and justice in the case, and mentions having sought help from authorities in the past. Despite their fears becoming reality and receiving further confirmation in recent years, they continue to search for Denise and hope that she is safe wherever she may be.

Mazara del Vallo, la madre di Denise Pipitone a 19 anni dalla scomparsa: “6939 giorni senza verità e giustizia”

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