Mazara del Vallo, Cristaldi: “Wishing Muslims a Happy Ramadan for World Peace”

The article explains how Nicola Cristaldi, leader of the Futurist movement and former mayor of Mazara del Vallo, sends his best wishes to the Islamic community for a peaceful and reflective Ramadan. He emphasizes the importance of peace and unity between different cultures and religions in Mazara, a city known for its harmonious coexistence between the Western and Eastern worlds. Cristaldi also describes the significance of Ramadan as a holy month for Muslims, where fasting from dawn to sunset is practiced as a spiritual and communal tradition. He highlights the values of respect and diversity in Mazara’s historic Casbah, which has long been a symbol of cultural exchange and tolerance.

Mazara del Vallo, Cristaldi: «Auguro buon Ramadan ai musulmani per la pace nel mondo»

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