Mayor of Pachino honors heroic rescue: Sicilians’ commendable generosity saves 10 struggling swimmers

Salvatore Lo Monaco, a 21-year-old from San Cataldo, saved 10 people who were stranded in the water after their inflatable mattress flipped over about 300 meters from the beach. The mayor of Pachino publicly thanked Lo Monaco and invited him to the town hall to present him with an award. Lo Monaco was on a boat excursion with friends on Ferragosto when he saw people in the water asking for help. He asked the skipper to approach the area and threw lifebuoys before jumping in himself to rescue the children and adults. Other friends also jumped in, and emergency services were contacted. All 10 individuals were taken to the hospital for examination. The mayor of Pachino praised Lo Monaco’s generosity and bravery and recognized him as a hero in the community. The mayor also recalled a similar act of solidarity in 2013 when locals and tourists helped save approximately 160 migrants near Morghella.

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