Maxi scam of nursing homes, the ASP replaces “lady Sanità” but with another suspect

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 09:04

Share It was replaced with a resolution signed on September 22 by Mariagiuliana Fazio, now known to the news as Lady Sanità after the investigation into the maxi scam for the inflated reimbursements to the nursing homes of Messina which led to 32 warranties and seizure of three million euros to seven clinics. Fazio was no longer in charge as director of the private hospital for about a year and retired a few months ago. The resolution that replaces it arrives on the eve of the provisions of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and was published on Sunday, September 26th. A timing that sounds almost like a joke also because the name of who will take his place is also in the lists of the ingadati. We are talking about Santi Mangano, who concurred for the post together with Giovanna Giuffrè, also the latter being investigated in the same investigation. “This is a measure taken before we became aware of the investigation by the Public Prosecutor – explains Commissioner Alagna – A certainly unpleasant overlap but which depends on the fact that the process began months earlier. We will check with the offices if and what to change to safeguard the managers themselves, who I hope they can demonstrate their extraneousness. There is an investigation and we respect the work of the investigators “. A work that continues tightly – the interrogations of the suspects are expected starting this week – and which would have already highlighted how “in the material concretization of the offenses” the Fazio has made use of “as many as 14 knowledgeable employees of his office”, all under investigation.

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