maxi landing video

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 23:14

Share Over five hundred migrants, on an old iron fishing boat, according to a still provisional estimate, landed in Lampedusa after being intercepted four miles from the coast by the Guardia di Finanza patrol boats who escorted them to the port. Among the migrants – from Morocco, Syria, Bangladesh and Egypt – also women and children. Disembarkation operations, identification procedures and health checks will soon begin on the pier. In the hours immediately preceding there were another 5 landings on the island with a total of 119 people. There were a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 37 on the small boats intercepted. At the moment, 330 guests are present at the hotspot in the Imbriacola district, to which new arrivals will be added. The Ministry of the Interior has informed the Prefecture of Agrigento that the quarantine ship Aurelia is arriving tomorrow morning. In fact, we will immediately proceed to lighten the presences inside the very first reception structure.

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