Maxi investigation on the landings, the preliminary process begins: Agrigentines involved


The preliminary hearing for the "Caronte" operation will be held on January 21, which concerns two alleged illegal landings on the Sicilian coasts, which took place in January and February 2017, and which it also involves some people from Agrigento.

Among the eleven people for whom the Prosecutor of the Republic of Marsala asks for the trial, there are four accused of aiding illegal immigration: the Tunisian Nizar Zayar, 32 years old; Nabil Zayar, of 35; Montasar Bouaicha, aged 29; Fathi Taleb, 35 years old.

At trial, always for the same hypothesis of crime, because, according to the investigations, Salvatore Calcara, 51 years old, from Sambuca, and Marco Bucalo, 33, from Menfi, would have provided support activities on the Sicilian territory. The process was requested, as reported by Giuseppe Pantano in an article in the Giornale di Sicilia on newsstands, also for 59-year-old Angelo Licciardi from Marsala, for an alleged support activity only for a landing.

For a hypothesis of false declarations to the judicial police with reference to the presence, at his estate, of a rubber boat, the prosecutor also requests the trial for Lillo Barbera, 50 years old, of Menfi. Finally, for a hypothesis concerning the attribution that would have been fictitious of the ownership of a car to Michele Salvetti, 45 years old, from Brescia, to himself and to Giuseppe Morreale, 50 years old, from Santa Margherita Belice, and to Girolamo Stassi, of 58, from Partanna.

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