Mattia Balli best student of the Sicilian hotel establishments: final Saturday


The "Best student of hotel establishments" competition, now in its fourth edition, is a recurring national event for those to whom the baton and professional legacy of Italian cuisine will be ceded tomorrow.

The students of Ipsar, Ipssar and professional institutes recognized by the regions, or the 20 finalists from each region through a selection on the territories coordinated by the regional unions of the FIC, will face each other for the finals next Saturday within the Italian cuisine championships will be held in Rimini.

To challenge the students in the regional context, the student
Mattia Balli of the Ambrosini Hotel Institute of Favara.

Today, the regional selections organized by the regional president Fic Domenico Privitera, of the Cuochi Sicilia association with the jury chaired by the chefs Fabio Potenzano – Matteo Giullanda – Pietro Pupillo, were held in the kitchens of the Pietro Piazza hotel in Palermo.

The jury,
examining the taste and correct preparation of the dish on the subject, he decreed victory
concerning the regional selection, by Mattia Balli of the Hotel Institute
G. Ambrosini from Favara with the dish "Ovu cunzatu 2.0".

Mattia now yes
will prepare for the national team final which will take place in Rimini on February 15th
2020 and will have to give their best and not only, but also has the arduous task of
to represent the Region of Sicily and the Ambrosini Hotel Institute of

Mattia was
followed and trained by the FIC Team of the province of Agrigento chaired by
provincial president Vincenzo Di Palma.

Mattia at the end
Tender stated: "I am proud and
excited to represent my Sicily at the Italian cooking championships, he will be
a sign of fate, but the day of the race falls precisely on the day of the
my eighteenth birthday. From tomorrow we start again, head down and training
to never end, I will do my best to bring home a good result. "

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