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Matteo Salvini returns to Palermo

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ROME – Matteo Salvini returns to Palermo.
On Friday 8 April the leader of the League will be in the Sicilian capital for the hearing of the Open Arms trial.
The League announces it.
“Appointment at 9.30, Aula Bunker dell’Ucciardone.

Witnesses are expected: Marc Reig Creus, Commander of the Open Arms ship; Vincenzo Asaro, medical director of the Licata hospital, Asp of Agrigento; Cristina Camilleri, head of the Cta – mental health department of the ASP of Agrigento; Alessandro Dibenedetto, psychologist working at the Emergency Onlus; Katia Valeria Di Natale, doctor on duty at Cisom Staff, Passim 2 Project; Dario Caputo, prefect of Agrigento; Rosa Maria Iraci, Commissioner of Agrigento “.