Matteo Garrone meets teachers in Palermo at Cinema Days in Schools.

Italian director Matteo Garrone expressed his gratitude and satisfaction at the warm reception of his film “Io capitano” during the first ever screening in Sicily as part of the Giornate del Cinema per la Scuola. Addressing a room full of teachers, Garrone shared his empathy for the protagonist, Seydou, and highlighted the importance of students being aware of the dangers faced by African migrants trying to reach Europe. The event was praised for reintroducing emotions through film and promoting cinema in schools, particularly for students who have never been to a movie theater before. This initiative was supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture as part of the national plan for cinema and visuals in schools.

Giornate del cinema a scuola, Matteo Garrone incontra i docenti a Palermo

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