Massive scam on Palermo’s basic income, employee from a regional company under house arrest: 93 under investigation.

A fraud has been uncovered regarding the citizenship income. An employee of a company owned by the Region is accused of falsifying documentation to help dozens of families obtain the citizenship income who were not entitled to it. Ninety-three people are under investigation. The finance police of the Palermo provincial command executed a search warrant which resulted in the house arrest of a 47-year-old man named Francesco Tuttoilmondo. He is employed by a company owned by the Region of Sicily and manages a Caf Acli in Palermo. He allegedly prepared false documentation through the patronato screen to benefit a wide range of “clients” who were not eligible for the subsidy, receiving an economic compensation for each case. Tuttoilmondo is being investigated for incitement to corruption, forgery of public documents, and aggravated fraud in obtaining public funds. The Caf Acli Centro Raccolta Arenella and €620,402 have also been seized as alleged proceeds of the crimes.

Maxi-truffa sul reddito di cittadinanza a Palermo, ai domiciliari un impiegato di una partecipata della Regione: 93 indagati

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