Masseria Maltese di Marsala: An Authentic Taste of Poetry and the Feeling of Home

“We are what we tell…family, history, hospitality, experience, passion. Marsala, a gem in the province of Trapani, immersed and pampered by the wonderful territory of the Oriented Nature Reserve of the Stagnone Islands, a place where Marsala wine, the salt of the Marsala Saline, and tuna have enchanted the hearts of all those who have had the opportunity to visit this part of Sicily. This is where the Maltese company, now in its sixth generation, continues its journey. Living and working with family, discovering the company in all its aspects every day, preserving a place where roots are established, rediscovering traditional dishes, creating value, and being able to share it with all who come is what brings excitement every day. Giving the right value to a combination of elements, products, and spices is the foundation for growth in this project that unites and identifies them. Primarily wine producers, but not only: the company also produces extra virgin olive oil with the Biancolilla variety, ancient grains, citrus fruits, almonds, raisins, dried figs, tomatoes, and more. Dedication to production is at the center of daily work, in respect of peasant tradition, with an approach aimed at choosing agricultural techniques that safeguard the environment and a series of values that enhance authenticity. Thus, began the journey focused on organic production and the sustainable value of the company, initiated in 2009. Sustainability is not just a label to be waved, but a voluntary act, a conscious choice that can have a social value for the community. That is why the Maltese company is dedicated, among other things, to the recovery of biomass and food waste, used for biogas production, to reintroduce into a zero-impact circular economy. Directly linked to this approach is the promotion of traditions, a path aimed at wine tourism, thanks to the Vite nel Vino Cultural Association and the various projects born over the years. Hands in the earth: in Masseria, a multifunctional place that includes peasant cuisine activities with the Cesarine, the Gli Stormi Home Restaurant with chef Linda Maltese, where they continue to offer a meticulously crafted cuisine, full of fragrances and healthy flavors, the didactic vegetable garden, the Ssensorial paths in Masseria, and then move on to the Harvest Festival at the end of September, and much more. “Le Serre’ Intrecci Replicabili… in the vineyard at Orizzonte Maltese, a place of biodiversity, a laboratory of knowledge, peasant culture, art, as education of beauty, all in the fantastic setting of the Oriented Nature Reserve of the Stagnone Islands. A proposal for slow tourism, a new philosophy that emphasizes details, accompanying tourists on a journey to discover hidden places, in full respect of the environment. Today, there are many ongoing projects. Among these, the events calendar for Calici di Stelle 2023 in Masseria Sotto le Stelle, where, inspired by Bellini’s opera Norma, they have launched Nessun Norma, a symphony not only for hearing, on the dates 6, 10, 12, and 19 August. Simultaneously, there are initiatives in the vineyard, where you can experience the inauguration of the Big Bench (13, 14, and 15 August), which will connect the company to a European project of places of beauty to visit. The charm of a journey through the vine rows and the stars will be the backdrop for winedesk with wines and products to be enjoyed, accompanied by an art exhibition and craftsmanship by fashion and ceremonial accessories designer Vinci Maria, against the backdrop of a sunset in the reserve. For information and reservations, the contact numbers are +39 3202932202 and +39 3884270625. Email: [email protected]

Masseria Maltese di Marsala, un assaggio di autentica poesia: come sentirsi a casa

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