Marzamemi loses Frontier Film Festival after 22 years

The 23rd edition of the International Frontier Film Festival will not take place in Marzamemi due to a lack of necessary conditions, as stated by Nello Correale, the event’s creator and artistic director. He explains that there is a shortage not only of financial and logistical resources but also of concrete availability that would ensure the quality of the festival. The Cinema di Frontiera project, dedicated to independent international cinema, has grown over the past 22 years and has become intertwined with the commercial activities and life of the seaside village. However, it now requires suitable venues for film screenings, authors, and themes that require careful attention. The transition of Marzamemi from a “deserted” place to a “renowned tourist destination” has led to a need for better coordination and availability of spaces and time to realize the festival as it was conceived and executed in previous years. Unfortunately, this has not been achieved, and the organizers hope for better times. They believe it is necessary to take time to find a “new balance” between the festival and the community that hosts it out of respect for the authors and audience who have supported and motivated them to improve over the past 23 years. The festival is seen not only as a cultural endeavor but also as an opportunity to address issues such as rights, migration, and the environment. In the meantime, the cultural project will continue with renewed passion in other locations, although these are not specified in the announcement.

Dopo 22 anni Marzamemi perde il festival del cinema di frontiera

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