Marsala’s Teacher Gaetane Le Hoariec Dead: Taught French in Various High Schools

The city of Marsala is mourning the death of Professor Gaetane Le Hoariec. She was 65 years old and had studied at the Université de Sherbrooke in Quebec, Canada. She taught French at the Vito Fazio Allmayer State High School in Alcamo. Born in Montreal on April 5, 1958, she had moved to Italy as a child. She had taught French in various schools in the provinces of Trapani and Agrigento, including the Fermi High School. Upon hearing the news of her passing, many colleagues and friends expressed their condolences and remembered her as a sunny and helpful person. Former students also expressed their gratitude and said they would never forget her smile. The funeral will take place at the San Francesco di Paola church in Calatafimi street.

Marsala, è morta la professoressa Gaetane Le Hoariec: ha insegnato francese presso diversi licei

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