Marsala’s festival lineup: From Manuela Aureli to Matranga and Minafò

The XVI Rassegna “Lo Stagnone – scene of a show” is an upcoming theater event organized by the theater company Sipario in collaboration with the Municipality of Marsala. The event will feature a variety of performances including a musical comedy based on the lives of Stanlio and Ollio, a one-woman show with an artist portraying multiple characters, a comedy set in a museum, and three plays by Luigi Pirandello. The event aims to entertain and engage audiences while also providing opportunities for reflection. Some notable artists participating in the event include Paolo Conticini, Emanuela Aureli, Corrado Tedeschi, and Manuela Villa. The performances will take place at Teatro Impero from December 3rd, 2017 to May 4th, 2018.

Marsala, da Manuela Aureli a Matranga e Minafò: ecco il cartellone della rassegna Lo Stagnone

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