Marsala surprisingly stops Akragas

The fortunes of the teams from Agrigento involved today in the fourth day of the championship of Excellence are mixed. The biggest surprise comes from Paceco where Akragas are blocked at 0-0 by Dolce Onorio Marsala, bottom of the tournament.

Same result but with different nuances for Sciacca who manages to snatch a point from the insidious away match against leaders Nissa, yes, but no longer alone. Alongside the biancoscudati there are both Mazarese and Canicattì who won 0-3 in the Agrigento derby played away from home against Casteltermini. Decisive goals from Iraci, Gueye (author of a fine heel goal) and Di Mercurio: the grenade club still dry of victories is now in last place in the standings. Finally, Pro Favara is released and finds the first acute of its championship by beating Cus at Bruccoleri for 2-0: they decide the punishment of the coach player Cocuzza in the first half and Bamba’s goal in the second half. DAY 4 RESULTS Sweet Onorio Marsala-Akragas 0-0 Casteltermini-Canicattì 0-3: 10 ‘Iraci, 32’ Gueye, 75 ‘Di Mercury Nissa-Sciacca 0-0 Pro Favara- Cus Palermo 2-0: 30 ‘Cocuzza; 65 ‘Bamba THE RANKING Canicattì, Nissa, Mazarese 10; Misilmeri 9; Castellammare, Mazara, Akragas 7; Sciacca 5, Enna 4 *, Parmonval 4; Pro Favara, Cus Palermo 3; Marineo 2 *; Monreale, Marsala, Casteltermini 1. One game less

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