Marsala honors Marisa Leo with a mural: “My essence is not a commodity”

In Marsala, near Porta Garibaldi, a mural by artist Fabio Ingrassia has appeared. It is a tribute to Marisa Leo, a 39-year-old woman from Salemi who was killed on Wednesday afternoon by her ex-partner Angelo Reina. Marisa’s body was found inside the agricultural company that Reina managed with his family. These were familiar places to Marisa, but unfortunately they were not able to save her. Artist Ingrassia has drawn Marisa, her smile, and the red jacket, a symbol of all women victims of violence. Marisa holds a message in her hand, the same one she had posted on her social media wall some time ago: “My essence is not a commodity, stop violence.” It is a tribute to Marisa and all that she had accomplished in her life, and to the many initiatives against violence in which she had participated with the Women of Wine.

A Marsala un murales in ricordo di Marisa Leo: «La mia essenza non è merce di scambio»

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