Marsala concert: Kinisia’s Italian blues with Maurizio Mastrini “a scurata”

The “a Scurata” festival will feature two days of concerts, showcasing a wide range of music styles. One of the highlights will be a tribute to the late artist Roberto Ciotti, with Italian blues music. The festival, organized by the Marsala Artistic and Cultural Movement, will take place at the “Pellegrino 1880” stage in the Salina Genna basin, within the Stagnone nature reserve. The concert “Baci” will feature pianist Maurizio Mastrini and a string quartet. Mastrini’s new album, titled “Baci,” was recorded live without any post-production corrections or cuts, in order to preserve the emotional authenticity of the performances. The concert will showcase Mastrini’s sophisticated and emotional compositional style, aiming to evoke pure and untouched emotions in the audience.

Marsala, Maurizio Mastrini e l’italian blues dei Kinisia in concerto ‘a scurata

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