Marsala, break through a wall and with an excavator take the Post Office ATM away


They broke the wall with an excavator and took away the ATM. It happened tonight at the Post Office branch of the San Leonardo district, about 12 kilometers north of the center of Marsala. The inhabitants of the area were alerted by the police, awakened by the noise caused by the mechanical means. The thieves acted with the faces covered by balaclavas, as shown by the images of the video surveillance system. Once the ATM was loaded into a van, they fled, leaving the excavator, probably stolen, on the road and sideways, thus also blocking the traffic on the provincial road 21 that connects Marsala to Trapani. Surveys of the weapon's military are underway. With the same technique, on the night between 2 and 3 October last, another "blow" was scored on the opposite side of the Marsalese, in the Terrenove district, to the detriment of the Credit Bank …

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