Marsala, Amanda Sandrelli brings Lysistrata to the stage

Classical theater and its immortality will be the protagonists on 8 January at 6 pm in the review “Lo Stagnone – scenes of a show” – organized by the “Sipario” theater company chaired by Vito Scarpitta: in the Empire Theater “Lysistrata” will be staged interpreted by : Amanda Sandrelli, Giuliana Colzi, Andrea Costagli, Dimitri Frosali, Massimo Salvianti, Lucia Socci, Gabriele Giaffreda, Elisa Proietti, Lucianna De Falco directed by Ugo Chiti.

“A comedy that is about two thousand years old – comments Amanda Sandrelli -, but wears them very well. It is very light, poetic, but at the same time profound and speaks of war, of women. With me there are nine actors: the company of Arca Azzurra plus two young people and the direction is by Ugo Chiti. I’ll wait for you at the Empire Theater”.

Lysistrata, by Aristophanes, made its debut way back in 411 BC in the theater of Dionysus, at the foot of the Acropolis in Athens. A comedy where you laugh a lot that clearly expresses dissent towards the disasters caused by stupidity, arrogance, superficiality and vanity, resulting from war, made by men. The work expresses the essence of femininity and does so with a rhythm full of irony, in a paradoxical and at the same time very human way that often indulges in hilarious double meanings to show the public all the human unreasonableness. Ugo Chiti rewrote the classic text with a contemporary eye, but he did it respectfully of the original, with an intense and rich language that makes the meaning of the work extremely usable, returning Lysistrata to an immortal dimension in which the conquest of truth passes from laughter.

The review continues on Sunday 29 January 2023 at 6.00 pm “My Wife Penelope” will be staged, with Ornella Muti and Pino Quartullo, a show freely based on the novel “Itaca per semper” by Luigi Malerba with an adaptation by Margherita Gina Romaniello. Ulysses returns to Ithaca after twenty years of war in Troy and sea adventures. He finds his palace invaded by Suitors and decides not to be recognized to carry out his revenge. Only Telemachus his son and his nurse will know about it. And his beloved wife Penelope? She knows, but she pretends not to know, he doesn’t know and behaves convinced that only he can know. Penelope is not so meek and naive as to forgive him for having lied to her, for having hidden from her that he is her husband. While Ulysses slaughters the suitors, Penelope cooks Ulysses to perfection, she will take her very good revenge on him. Until the surprising epilogue. An amusing text, a game between a man and a woman who subvert the stereotypes of the myth.

In fact, we remind you that the bill counts exceptional performers such as: Uccio De Santis, Antonello Costa, Simone Cristicchi and Alessio Piazza.

These are the other shows

Sunday 12 February 2023 at 18.00 the cabaret will be staged with “Stasera con Uccio” Uccio De Santis, Umberto Sardella and Antonella Genga. The Apulian comedian and actor, fresh from the success of the special episodes on RAI2, arrives in Marsala with an explosive mix of monologues, a journey through irresistible gags, stories of real life alternating with the videos that made the history of the television program “Mudù” . Between sketches and entertainment, the show tells the life of a comedian “by vocation”. From the beginning to the theatre. A show with funny interludes between husband and wife about everyday life. Stories in which everyone can identify and laugh heartily with lots of good music. In this adventure Uccio De Santis will be accompanied by the historical faces of the program Umberto Sardella and Antonella Genga.

On Sunday 5 March 2023 at 18.00 Antonello Costa and.. Corps de ballet will be staged in “C’è Costa per te”.

Like Maria De Filippi with “You’ve Got Mail” solves the problems of the Italians, Antonello with “C’è Costa per te” will try to solve those of the audience, but with a smile. Musical show, recited, sung and danced in the best tradition of the Italian comedy show. A colorful variety enhanced by the presence of Annalisa Costa (sister and showgirl) and two beautiful and talented dancers. A modern, original, engaging variety suitable for the whole family. On the other hand, Antonello Costa himself says: “I always joke, I’m only serious when I make people laugh”.

Sunday 16 April 2023 at 6.00 pm Simone Cristicchi will tread the stage of the Impero theater with the show he wrote and directed entitled “Exodus”. At the Old Port of Trieste, Warehouse no. 18 is a “place of memory”. It tells of a painful page in the history of Italy. Warehouse n.18 preserves chairs, wardrobes, mattresses, beds and crockery, photographs, toys, every common good in the flow of so many lives interrupted by history, and by the Exodus: with the 1947 Peace Treaty, Italy lost vast territories of Istria and the coastal strip, and around 300,000 people chose – faced with a painful and complex situation – to leave their lands destined to no longer be Italian. It is not difficult to imagine what their state of mind was, with what and how much suffering entire families packed up their belongings, leaving behind their homes, cities and roots.

Sunday 30 April 2023 at 18.00 it will be the turn of “Le Vispe Terese” by and with Alessio Piazza. A show about the family, which tells the story of the people who lived around us, during our childhood and adolescence, of those who still make us smile today. The places, the facts and the people are a mix between reality and fantasy, between personal anecdotes and others told, listened to from other family stories. A varied humanity emerges, appearing on the stage of a family home and playing the part that the author, actor and director from Marsala has assigned him, drawing on memories and coloring them with imagination and humour. “With “Le vispe Terese” – explains Alessio Piazza – I like to underline one of the most fascinating ties of the theatre: the one with memory, with our origins and our roots. Putting this show on stage is like letting the audience enter their childhood home, making them walk along the corridors, making them smell the furniture, the voices of loved ones”.

Sunday 7 May at 21.30 closes the review a non-subscription show. A concert that literally makes a show: the XVERSO group, Tiziano Ferro’s tribute band gives life to “FERRO”. The group is the first tribute band dedicated exclusively to Tiziano Ferro. The XVERSO project, built at the highest musical and scenographic levels, combines the vocal similarity of the frontman Devis Manoni with the musical quality of a band made up of professional musicians with very important experiences behind them, XVERSO builds a spectacular show made up of scenic effects, changes of dress and video projections on giant screens.

The event counts on the patronage of the Municipality of Marsala. “A personal thank you and a thank you from the management of Sipario – said Vito Scarpitta – to the municipal administration and to the mayor Massimo Grillo, so close and attentive to those realities that with hard work and great sacrifices continue to carry on for many years artistic and culture for our city. Thank you for having believed in this project, sponsoring and participating in our 15th theatrical review “Lo Stagnone – scenes from a show” which once again for this season sees high-profile national names alternating on the tables of the stage of the Teatro Impero”.

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