Marsala, Amanda Sandrelli, and Rita Marcotulli present Un abito chiaro on stage.

This content is a summary of a play called “Un abito chiaro” by author and director Massimo Salvianti. The play explores the meaning of material objects and how fragments of personal belongings discovered in the Tyrrhenian Sea evoke deep emotions, affection, and the desire to fight for justice. The performance, featuring renowned actress Amanda Sandrelli and musician Rita Marcotulli, is part of the Rassegna “’a Scurata Cunti e Canti al Calar del Sole” Memorial Enrico Russo, organized by the artistic and cultural movement M.A.C. This event takes place in the ancient Salina Genna, within the Stagnone Nature Reserve. The play delves into the tragedy of the Ustica bombing and other acts of terror in Italy, reflecting on the lack of answers and the struggle for justice. The intention is to engage younger audiences and offer them the assurance that the fight for justice and truth continues.

Marsala, Amanda Sandrelli e Rita Marcotulli portano in scena Un abito chiaro

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