Marsala: 60-year-old caught setting fire, stopped & reported

A sixty-year-old man from Marsala was caught setting fire to a large pile of waste during the day of the red alert for fire risk in Sicily. The fire spread rapidly and was eventually contained by the intervention of the military and firefighters who were already dealing with fires in the Trapani and Palermo provinces. A significant amount of plastic, construction waste, and car tires were found in the area, which could have caused even more severe consequences if fully engulfed in flames. The man has been taken into custody and is being charged with illegal waste combustion. Throughout the morning, other patrols monitored the southern area of Marsala, particularly the uncultivated lands that have been heavily affected by fires in July and September.

Marsala, sorpreso mentre appicca un incendio: bloccato e denunciato un sessantenne

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