Marito and wife survivors of A18 accident: “We want to meet the angel who saved us”

On May 2nd, Giusy Barbera and her husband survived a dramatic car crash on the A18 highway in Catania. Their car violently collided with a guardrail, trapping Giusy inside and throwing her husband twelve meters away. Thankfully, a man quickly called for help, enabling the couple to be transported to the hospital in time. Giusy, a doctor, expressed her gratitude towards the man who saved them, hoping to meet him in person to thank him. After months of intensive care, surgeries, and rehabilitation, both Giusy and her husband were able to leave the rehabilitation center. Although they still have lingering effects from the accident and are in the midst of physiotherapy, they consider themselves fortunate to have survived the incident. They urge the man who helped them to come forward, leave his contact information so they can properly express their gratitude. Without his intervention, the outcome of that day would have been much different.

Marito e moglie sopravvissuti all’incidente sull’A18: “Vogliamo incontrare l’angelo che ci ha salvato”

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