Mario Tozzi: “In Sicily, fires and hydrogeological risk go hand in hand”

Geologist and science communicator Mario Tozzi is in Palermo to film an episode of the show Sapiens, which will air on Rai3 in November. He warns of the potential risks that Sicily may face in the coming months, as the season of fires is followed by the season of rain. The island has been continuously burning for about a month, with significant damage to forests and mountains. The combination of drought and changes in rainfall patterns caused by climate change has made the forests drier and more prone to fires. This, along with the lack of roots to retain water, increases the risk of landslides and soil erosion during the rainy season. Tozzi emphasizes that human activities, such as urbanization in risky areas, have also contributed to the problem. He calls for prevention and awareness to mitigate these risks. The upcoming episode of Sapiens will explore how cities like Palermo have developed in relation to their natural environment, highlighting the importance of preserving and understanding the geographical and historical context of urban areas.

Mario Tozzi: “Così in Sicilia incendi e rischio idrogeologico vanno a braccetto”

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