Mario Abate dies in fatal accident in Marsala, leaving behind pregnant wife and six-year-old son: “Protect them from heaven.”

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A six-year-old boy waiting for him at home, a wife, Giulia, expecting their second child. A truly dramatic story, a heart-wrenching tragedy, that of Mario Abate, 36 years old, who died last night in a terrible road accident in Marsala. The third victim on the roads of Trapani in just five days.

The victim was riding his scooter towards Trapani when he collided with a car exiting the gas station before the intersection of contrada Addolorata, and immediately after the impact, a chain reaction occurred, causing a second car traveling towards Marsala to collide 50 meters later. An incredible fatality.

Abate ended up under the car and it was necessary for the firefighters to lift the vehicle to extract him. The 118 medical personnel transferred the unfortunate motorcyclist to the hospital, where he passed away shortly after.

Many messages on social media to remember the unfortunate victim. “I couldn’t believe it, I am immensely sorry for this loss: we grew up together, may the earth be light friend of childhood,” writes a friend. “You left us speechless, protect your family from heaven.”

L’incidente mortale a Marsala, Mario Abate lascia una moglie incinta e un figlio di sei anni: «Proteggili dal cielo»

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