Marineo, after 30 years the stands of the sports field reopen to the public

The stands of the Marineo sports field will be reopened to the public today (Sunday 27 November). A long bureaucratic process has come to an end. In this long period the club had to wander far and wide, hosting the opposing teams in Belmonte Mezzagno or Casteldaccia, obviously with onerous management costs, which however did not stop the climb to the championship of Excellence.

The mayor himself Franco Ribaudo, a fan of the local team, had thundered last month against the slowness of the offices in completing the paperwork for the reopening, threatening to report everything in the judicial offices. Surely, as they say in football circles, Mayor Ribaudo’s departure will have served to shake up the «bureaucratic locker room of the Municipality» and the results have been seen.

Francesco Paolo Scarpinato, FdI


Who is Francesco Paolo Scarpinato: he arrives at the urging of Manlio Messina

It was the Municipality of Marineo who announced today’s event, underlining how the wait lasted 30 years. The grandstands will be dedicated to the late Rosario Mario Triolo, who passed away prematurely, a great fan and former team manager. For the occasion, among the authorities, the new regional councilor for tourism, sport and entertainment Francesco Paolo Scarpinato will be present. Today the Oratorio San Ciro therefore, in the match against Enna, will have the twelfth man on the field, somewhat anticipating the purchases on the transfer market which will open shortly. If the team will have an edge from today, it remains to be understood how the corporate crisis will evolve. There is a president, Giacomo Campisi, who has announced his resignation, but who is still present.

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