Marina Ragusa technician: Giacomarro or Galfano? – Ragusa

Football, Serie D / I

The Marina di Ragusa is struggling with the choice of the new coach. The circle narrowed to two names. The most popular is that of Mimmo Giacomarro but Angelo Galfano is also taken into consideration. Both have in common the knowledge of the environment and the Serie D championship. Giacomarro played in Ragusa and also coached him in 97-98, Angelo Galfano, from Syracuse, is also a former blue and knows the championship very well. Galfano has been spotted in the city in recent days and on the “Campo” stand during a training session for the rossoblùs. The announcement of the company is expected shortly after defining the details of the transaction. The last word, however, will touch the president Franco Postorino. What is certain is that Marina di Ragusa will have a new coach in place of Alessandro Nigro who has been entrusted with the team immediately after Salvo Utro’s exoneration.

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