Marina di Palma: Driver loses control, rolls over on State Road 115, taken to hospital

The driver suddenly lost control of his car and the vehicle overturned, trapping the driver inside. Firefighters had to intervene to extract the driver from the car after an accident on highway 115 in Marina di Palma, a fraction of the municipality of Palma di Montechiaro. The man was injured and transported to the hospital with a “code red” by emergency medical services. The carabinieri also arrived at the scene to investigate the accident. Two days earlier, another accident occurred on highway 115 in Realmonte, involving two vehicles and injuring both drivers. The impact was severe, causing both cars to end up on opposite lanes with destroyed bodywork. Emergency medical services, firefighters, and the carabinieri responded to the scene of the accident. Traffic was heavily affected by the accidents and the subsequent emergency response.

Marina di Palma: perde il controllo e si ribalta sulla statale 115, automobilista trasportato in ospedale

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