Mariella Maggio re-elected secretary of the Provincial Federation of Palermo of Article One – imgpress

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A re-election, by acclamation, which restarts from the role of the party in the next municipal elections in Palermo.

Mariella Maggio was again chosen as secretary of the provincial federation of Palermo of Article One during the provincial congress entitled “It is the time of the left” which was held at the Zisa cultural sites.

During the meeting, which was attended by delegates from all over the province of Palermo and the national deputy Maria Flavia Timbro, we talked about the future of the party and the role of the left in the next municipal elections in Palermo and beyond.

«We reaffirm – says Mariella Maggio – the need to continue to work for the unity of the left, which is the purpose for which Article One was born, in the conviction of the need for Italy of a great socialist and environmentalist party.
With this united spirit in Palermo we have contributed to the birth of a new political entity called “Sinistra Civica Ecologista”, which will help the mayoral candidate Franco Miceli, in view of the upcoming administrative elections, with the ambition to go beyond the electoral appointment of the capital Sicilian and to become a model for the rest of Sicily and Italy ».


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