Marianopoli, for the weekly market on Thursday letter to the prefect for the elimination of the public danger – il Fatto Nisseno

MARIANOPOLI- The municipal councilors Grazia Noto and Giuseppe Cannella, the local manager of PD Lillo Vaccaro and Calogero Casucci of Forza Italia wrote to the Prefect, the Mayor, the Council and the Municipal Council in reference to the weekly market on Thursday:

The undersigned Ing. Calogero Casucci, via A. Gramsci 14, 93010 – Marianopoli (CL), PEC:, local manager of Forza Italia; – Geom. Calogero Vaccaro, via Barone Scala 12, 93010 Marianopoli (CL), PEC:, local manager of the Democratic Party; – Municipal Councilor Grazia Noto, via Genova 40, 93010 Marianopoli (CL), PEC:; – Municipal Councilor Giuseppe Cannella, via Duca d’Aosta 82, 93010 Marianopoli (CL) PEC:

Given that: – Following the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19, the historic weekly Thursday market in Marianopoli was temporarily suspended in the months of March, April and May 2020; – With the decree law of 16 May 2020, n. 33, the reopening of all retail trade, personal services and catering activities was allowed, with effect from 18 May 2020, provided that the protocols and guidelines suitable for preventing or reducing the risk of contagion, and the Regions have been given the right to start, under the same additional conditions, economic and productive activities. In this regard, the Sicilian Region with the urgent and contingent Presidential Order of 17 May 2020, n. 21, established, as can be seen in art. 7 of the same, the reopening of markets, fairs and hobby markets, with the obligation to adopt all appropriate measures to distance and contain the contagion; – With the Ordinance of May 26, 2020, n. 19, the Mayor of the Municipality of Marianopoli ordered the reopening of the weekly market starting from Thursday 28 May 2020, transferring it, in the opinion of the subscribers, without valid and pertinent reasons, to the area in C.da Roba (in the open countryside) in absence of comparison and the opinion of market operators, the City Council and the citizenship of Marianopoli in violation of art. n. 6 co 4 of the weekly market regulation which provides that the task of supervision and proposals for the better functioning of the market is up to the market commission etc .; – The area chosen for carrying out the weekly market and where the market actually takes place, identified in via Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa, is potentially risky for safety purposes since it crosses and is bordered by public and private areas which therefore, currently, they are infested with dry spontaneous vegetations and various stubble, given the season, with serious danger of fire and damage to hygiene and public health due to the presence of harmful and annoying insects and does not ensure any success in the fruition of the patrons and minimum compliance with safety and contrasting rules against the spread of the epidemiological contagion from COVID-19 due to its position and the narrowness of the road compared to the location of the historic market in via Roma, via Raddusa, Via Regina Elena and Piazza Landolina; – The weekly Thursday market in the municipality of Marianopoli, since its inception, has always been located in Via Roma, via Raddusa, Via Regina Elena and Piazza Landolina where the streets indicated are located in the historic center where there are various commercial and sanitary facilities and that their amplitude, their width and the presence of different escape routes in case of emergency make them among the most suitable to host the market compared to the current so-called temporary location. Furthermore, one of the reasons why the weekly market on Thursday has always been located in the places indicated above, and that, given the shape of the town characterized by a strong difference in height and given the high average age of the population, this location is the only one easily accessible to all citizens considering that in Marianopoli there are no public transport services and not all inhabitants have their own means of transport; – The aforementioned area chosen independently by the Mayor, in violation of art. n. 13 of the weekly market regulation which provides that the change of the place and date of the market is resolved by the City Council, having heard the market commission referred to in art. 8 ter of Regional Law 18/95 (which never happened in our case), is seriously risky for the safety of the operators and patrons of the market because it largely underlies (being via Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa halfway up the hill), to an almost vertical wall embankment, several meters high (about 7.00 meters) on which there are tall trees in danger, with the root system already above ground due to the landslide and landslide of the containment structures of the same embankment for as clearly visible (see attached photos 10); – The aforementioned area identified, autonomously by the Mayor as aforementioned, for the development of the market appears to be devoid of its own and suitable bathrooms (since in place the only service used is that of the neighboring playground which is insufficient and unsuitable ), the main sanitary – sanitary services, escape routes in case of emergency and the possibility of accessing emergency vehicles in cases of need, contrary to what was possible in the original historical location of the market (via Roma, via Raddusa, via Regina Elena and Piazza Landolina), authorized with regular municipal regulations; – the Mayor, pursuant to art. 13 co 4 of the Market Regulations, in case of urgency, not being able to follow the normal administrative procedure mentioned above, he could temporarily transfer the market exclusively for a period not exceeding three consecutive market days and not indefinitely as he has done for over a year; – On 06.09.2020 a detailed and detailed appeal-collection of signatures signed by several hundreds of citizens was presented to the Municipal Bodies, aimed at the cancellation and / or withdrawal of the Municipal provisions and any other act on the same basis and / or consequential , even if unknown or unknown, who have in fact arranged, illegitimately in the opinion of the writers, to move the weekly market on Thursdays from the historic headquarters in Via Roma, via Raddusa, Via Regina Elena and Piazza Landolina to another peripheral and less secure site under the hygienic profile and public order for all the reasons represented in the said appeal which is hereby fully reported and transcribed; -That the persistence of the weekly market in the chosen area with autonomous and repeated Trade Union Ordinances instrumentally motivated with the COVID contingency, as easily verifiable from a technical and health point of view, in the opinion of the writers, for all the reasons represented, exposes the operators and users to unpredictable dangers. For this and also in order to avert the danger to public safety, deriving from the unpredictable collapse of the embankment underlying the market area, as shown above, it requires the immediate displacement of the market; – Lastly, on 25.06.2021, also for the reasons described above, the request was renewed to the Municipal Bodies to provide for the reopening of the market in the historic site. Even the said request, illegitimately, was not followed up by any reply; – With the aforementioned request, the aforementioned Municipal Bodies were warned and put in default so that they would provide, within fifteen days, each for their own competence, for the reopening of the weekly market on Thursdays in the historic headquarters in Via Roma, via Raddusa, Via Regina Elena and Piazza Landolina for the purpose also of the protection of public safety, hygiene and public order, providing for the cancellation and withdrawal of the Municipal provisions and any other act on the same basis and / or consequential even if unknown or unknown that they involved the displacement of the said market; – This last request-warning was also followed by complete and illegitimate silence and no reply. Therefore, we hereby ASK the intervention of the most illustrious SV, in the capacity of representative of the Government, to the Municipal Authorities, to which SE is superordinate, in order to put an end to this unfortunate affair, which among other things turns out to be also, in the opinion of the writers, prejudicial to public health and safety, through the reopening in the aforementioned historical site. Sure of his authoritative intervention, we await a reply. Marianopoli July 19, 2021 With Observance Signed Grazia Noto Signed Giuseppe cinella Signed Calogero vaccaro Signed Calogero Casucci ”.