Maria Grazia Cucinotta returns to her hometown Messina: a special heart-shaped arancino for her.

Maria Grazia Cucinotta recently visited her hometown of Messina and stopped by a roast shop she is very fond of. She shared her “gastronomic journey” with her followers on Instagram, stating that these are her favorite places. The actress mentioned her love for the stuffed pasta “San Daniele,” which she used to eat frequently during her high school days. She also enjoyed a special heart-shaped arancino, a typical Sicilian food item, and clarified that in Palermo it is called “arancina” whereas in Messina it is referred to as “arancino.” Cucinotta shared pictures of her days in the city, including a tasty and traditional granita for breakfast. She expressed her delight in reconnecting with friends upon returning home.

Maria Grazia Cucinotta torna nella sua Messina: per lei un arancino speciale a forma di cuore

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