Maria Falcone speaks to students across Italy about the mafia

The new edition of the Foundation Conad Ets School Project, supported by Conad cooperatives and realized with Unisona, has opened. The initiative engages Italian students in various training sessions on current issues, starting with a day focused on investigating the phenomenon of traditional and cyber mafia, and raising awareness about the importance of legality and combating criminal organizations. Maria Falcone, sister of Giovanni Falcone and advocate for legality, spoke to students at a high school in Palermo about old and new mafia. She also addressed over 50,000 students from 482 schools in 244 cities across Italy, along with the former national anti-mafia prosecutor and president of the Scintille di Futuro Foundation, discussing the old and new mafia and the transformation of global crime facilitated by digital tools. Falcone emphasized the need for passion, culture, commitment, and social cohesion to defeat the mafia, and highlighted the importance of collaboration between businesses, schools, and institutions in building a fairer and more cooperative society.

Maria Falcone parla agli studenti di tutta Italia della mafia

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