Marettimo shipwreck: one of two missing migrants found dead.

The Coast Guard has recovered a corpse off the coast of Marettimo. Commander Guglielmo Cassone of the Trapani Port Authority has confirmed this. It is one of the two missing persons from the shipwreck that occurred off Marettimo last night, August 12. Initially, it was believed that there were three missing persons. The victim found is a man of apparent age 30. The body was recovered 10 miles southwest of the island and will be taken to Trapani. Yesterday evening, 11 people were rescued by the Coast Guard and transferred to Marettimo. According to witnesses, there were supposed to be 13 on board the boat. The search involves 3 patrol boats and one Coast Guard helicopter. The two missing individuals disappeared in the waves about 9 miles from the coast. During the search, a boat without an engine was found. The survivors, who claim to be Algerian, are being investigated by the Carabinieri. The 13 were in the route of the Egadi Islands. There was a shipwreck during the journey. The eleven survivors are still on the island of Marettimo, awaiting transfer to a reception center in Trapani.

Il naufragio di Marettimo: ritrovato il corpo di uno dei due migranti dispersi

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