Marching against the war in Isola delle Femmine, the bishop of Monreale: "Peace is built together"

“Wars are the tip of the iceberg of the lack of peace. Our young people experienced a day of reflection that reminded us how peace is harmony with nature and with the whole world. As it reminded us Pope francesco, no one saves themselves, so peace can only be built together. For this reason we have chosen to walk with other representatives of different Christian confessions, with the mayors of the diocese. It’s an important sign.”

The bishop of Monreale said so Walter Isaacs during the “peace march”, a torchlight vigil organized in Isola delle Femmine by the archdiocese of Monreale which was attended by a few hundred people.

At the center of the event was the theme, taken from the message of Pope Francis on the occasion of the 56th World Day of Peace which will be celebrated on 1 January: “No one can save himself alone. Starting again from Covid-19 to trace paths of peace together”.

The starting point of the procession was the “garden of memory”, a few meters from the motorway where the Capaci attack took place. In Benedetto Frontini’s video, a moment of the demonstration and the words of the bishop of Monreale Gualtiero Isacchi and Luca Liuzza, scout of Monreale.

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