Marchesi di Rampingallo: Centuries of History Define Excellence

The Marchesi di Rampingallo company is located in Contrada Rampingallo, in the Salemi-Marsala area. The vineyards, spanning about 269 hectares, consist of both native and non-native grape varieties. The vineyards are cultivated on hilly terrain with a south-facing exposure, benefiting from a favorable microclimate and strong temperature fluctuations. The vineyards are mainly trained on trellises with Guyot pruning, growing on a marl-clay soil that gives the wine unique characteristics. The history of Marchesi di Rampingallo is deeply rooted in the winemaking tradition of Sicily, specifically in the success of Marsala wine. The company has renovated the entire winemaking process and restored the historic baglio (fortified farmhouse) of Menfi. Calici di Stelle is an event organized by Marchesi di Rampingallo, offering visitors the opportunity to experience an evening of wine tasting, live music, and stargazing. The wines produced by the company include cru wines, family selections, territorial wines, and Giache wines. They also produce a Spumante Metodo Classico sparkling wine.

Marchesi di Rampingallo, l’eccellenza con secoli di storia

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