Map of water reductions in Palermo to save fontanelle dry

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One of the measures to eliminate waste will be to suspend the supply in public fountains. An initiative that Amap will take together with others to try to loosen the grip of water resource scarcity. “We want to avoid waste and limit the use of water that is not related to potable water and hygiene-sanitary needs,” said president Alessandro Di Martino. Within its competencies, Amap has also initiated a series of measures, both structural and non-structural, to mitigate the effects of the extraordinary drought season: acquisition of new wells, implementation of an extraordinary plan to reduce physical losses, fight against illegal connections, and reduction of water volumes supplied to extra-urban users.

Now, the areas of the city that are involved in the decrease in pressure are almost all, except for the historic center, where the network has been replaced and redone. Therefore, the districts concern the north-western area: from Strasbourg to San Lorenzo-Resuttana, from Viale Lazio to Piazza Leoni, from San Filippo Neri to Pallavicino, from Villaggio Ruffini to Arenella, from Vergine Maria to Mondello, from Partanna Mondello to Tommaso Natale and Sferracavallo. Even the central area will suffer: from Libertà to Borgo Nuovo, from Passo di Rigano to Perpignano Alto, from Cep to Borgo Molara to Calatafimi. Finally, also the eastern zone: Villagrazia, Falsomiele, Galletti, Bandita, Favara.

Fontanelle all’asciutto per risparmiare l’acqua: ecco la mappa delle riduzioni a Palermo

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