Many fines issued to e-bike and scooter riders in Catania

In Catania, local police continue to carry out checks on the circulation of electric pedal-assisted bicycles and scooters. During a test route with a speed camera in the city center, officers confiscated four pedal-assisted vehicles for exceeding the legal limits and fined the drivers a total of 1,200 euros for lack of insurance, lack of registration, and creating a dangerous situation in a crowded pedestrian area. They also fined two electric scooter drivers 133 euros each for carrying passengers and for dangerous driving. In total, fines of 5,000 euros were issued, but there was also a reduction in the number of electric two-wheeled vehicles in the pedestrian area. Police will continue to conduct checks in the coming days.

Catania, multe a conducenti di bici a pedalata assistita e monopattini

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