Maneuver: Action, prank funds Sicily and Sardinia insularity

(ANSA) – PALERMO, DECEMBER 29 – “The appropriations for insularity in the 2023 budget law intended to finance interventions for the mobility of citizens residing in the territory of Sicily and Sardinia, amount to 5 million euros for 2023 and 15 for 2024 (art. 1 paragraphs 494 and 495, just over 3 euros per citizen for 2 years) which should rebalance the disadvantaged condition of the over 6.5 million island Italians, mainly Sicilians and Sardinians. unseemly that becomes politically a joke for Sicily. A reduction of 20 times compared to what was done by the government last year, before the principle of insularity entered the Constitution”. This is what Action Sicily notes.

Calenda’s party appeals to the government of Renato Schifani: “The regional government must immediately challenge this indecorous attempt to ignore Sicilians and Sardinians in the Constitutional Court”. .