Manager of Sant’Agata Militello loses his boat to Zagreb for poisoning


A holiday ended in tragedy. The Sicilian manager Eugenio Vinci, who for many years had worked at the top of Assindustria Molise, died in a boat in Croatia, intoxicated by exhaust gases. And two of his children are hospitalized in very serious condition, due to an accident that at first seemed to have been caused by food poisoning. Around 10 am, a request for help was launched from a yacht rented off Hvar in the port on the homonymous Dalmatian island, which reported that a 57-year-old person had died on board. The other five tourists had also blamed the illnesses: mainly the two children of Vinci, aged 8 and 14, with strong diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, loss of consciousness, so much so that they requested a helicopter transfer to the hospital center of Split, at about 50 km from the island. The two children pour …

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