Management of the water service, the “expiration” date is approaching: summit in the Prefecture

Editorial staff July 26, 2021 12:31 pm

The “expiration” date of the commissioner management of the integrated water service in the province of Agrigento is getting closer and closer, which, as is known, will end on August 2, and technical meetings are multiplying to avoid “holes” or dangerous discontinuities. Today at 4 pm, a moment of discussion will be held at the Prefecture of Agrigento in the presence of the leaders of Ati and Aica, of the prefectural commissioner Gervasio Venuti, obviously of the prefect and regional councilor for local authorities Marco Zambuto. The first point will obviously be the bill launched by the regional council last week and intended to guarantee a first economic coverage for the new AICA to avoid a stop of the system. The document is already being examined by the committees and should arrive at Ars in the next few days, certainly well before the summer break in Sala d’Ercole. Then it will be necessary to have reassurance on the operational aspects themselves: with or without the resources, will the organizational machine be able to guarantee the functioning of such a complex service on such a broad territorial basis? Will the first phase be aimed at a technical collaboration with the Municipalities, as it has been assumed to do, for example, with the repair of faults? It will be discovered this afternoon. Meanwhile, on the front (also very hot) of the workers of the bankrupt Girgenti Acque and Hydortecne, a permanent table has been set up in recent days that will follow the transition process which will obviously be part of the trade unions. “The members of the Aica Board of Directors – said the workers’ representatives in a note – have communicated that a negotiation is underway with the bankruptcy trustee for the rental of a business unit for a short period that would allow the management of the service in waiting for the AICA to structure itself and become autonomous. In this transitional period the employment relationships will remain the current ones from all points of view and the salaries will be guaranteed. The start is positive but the path is still long, so it is necessary to maximum commitment of all in daily work at the service of the community and maximum cohesion among workers “.

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