Man saves a cat and gets it killed by his dogs, Palermo man reported

A man with a rifle sets three dogs on a cat that finds refuge in a tree but then he takes aim and shoots, injuring the animal and causing it to fall to the ground. The dogs attack the feline and tear it apart. This is what is seen in a video shot in the province of Palermo, published on Tik Tok, at the center of a complaint by the association Lndc animal protection.

“We will not let this go unpunished. This hunter must pay for what he has done. The victim is not only this cat, but also all the other creatures he has persecuted over time. Even the dogs he used for his crazy purposes are oppressed. It is clear that for this man it has always and only been about entertainment, a pastime worthy of being documented and publicly shared on social media,” says Piera Rosati, president of the animal rights association.

“I sincerely hope that our complaint, for the crime of killing an animal, brings justice to the many victims of this man. We cannot allow the concept of a social media prank to pass, it must be clear that it is a vile act that constitutes a crime.”

Spara ad un gatto e lo fa uccidere dai suoi cani, denunciato un palermitano

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