Man charged with multiple aggravated murder for fatally stabbing wife in Selinunte

The preliminary hearing judge of the Court of Marsala has sent Ernesto Favara from Castelvetrano to trial for aggravated murder. The trial took place this morning in Marsala. Favara is accused of stabbing to death his wife Maria Amatuzzo in their home in Marinella di Selinunte last December. The judge did not exclude any contested aggravating factors. Favara’s defense, represented by lawyer Margherita Barraco, raised objections about the contested aggravating factors and requested a new psychiatric evaluation. The objections were opposed by the prosecutor Stefania Tredici and all the civil parties, and were rejected by the judge. The defense requested a shortened trial but it was considered unacceptable given the contested aggravating factors. The first trial will take place on January 8th in the Assize Court in Trapani. The civil parties are represented by lawyers Vito Daniele Cimiotta (for Amatuzzo’s relatives), Roberta Anselmi and Marilena Messina (anti-violence associations). Maria Amatuzzo, who had left her husband a few months before she was killed to live with another man, was allegedly lured by Favara to his home on December 24th (“Come get your coat, I won’t be home”), and when she entered the garage, she was immediately attacked with 28 stab wounds. Favara was arrested shortly after the murder by the carabinieri on the street holding the long knife still covered in blood. Among the five aggravating factors contested by the prosecution, there are also “futile motives” (jealousy), premeditation, and cruelty, as he continued to stab her after inflicting lethal blows. Favara is defended by lawyers Margherita Mariella Barraco and Valentina Blunda, while the victims (parents, a sister, and an uncle of Amatuzzo) are represented by lawyer Vito Daniele Cimotta. In addition to them, two anti-violence women’s associations represented by lawyers Roberta Anselmi and Marilena Messina have also joined as civil parties. Ernesto Favara is currently incarcerated in the Trapani prison.

Uccise moglie a coltellate a Selinunte, rinviato a giudizio per omicidio pluriaggravato

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