"Mamo I take you to the sea", artists from Milan to Palermo in the sign of art


Event location: Mamo Palermo Via IV Aprile, 14

Event date: From 10/08/2019 to 08/17/2019

Event cost: Free

MaMo Galleria Museum Milan, Via IV Aprile, 14 in Palermo presents Mamo I take you to the sea. Opening August 10th from 7pm to 10pm. Appointment from August 10th to 17th. Daily opening and closing times: from 7 pm to 10 pm

Numerous artists, names known in the world of national and international art will compete in an exhibition dedicated to a new exhibition project curated by the Mamo Gallery in Milan, which every year, during the summer, moves to Palermo in the prestigious Palazzo Notarbartolo exhibition site Villarosa Dagnino, Via del VI Aprile, 14 (at the corner of Piazza Marina).

A mosaic of diversified artistic techniques will overwhelm the viewer in a world of images and colors: the narration of places, and objects linked to the artistic culture of the Sicilian pulp tradition and more. All revisited in a contemporary way in the name of the new languages ​​of the art. Small sculptures and multiples, works on paper, décollages, works on, acrylics on canvas, gouaches, digital prints. The art critic Dr. Melinda Miceli will be present writer and essayist.

Chiara Gregorin, Salvatore Fazio, Maria Aloi, Marcia Zegarra, Christian Flores, Stefano Epis, Walter Angelici, Valeria Modica, Serra Eraslan, Barbara Cellini, Armando Nigro, Alessandra Maisto, Zuzanna Niespor, Silvia Mimmino, Nuzzo Monello, Nelly Fonte.

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