Major fire in Vendicari natural reserve, flames controlled after twelve hours

A massive fire broke out in Vendicari, devouring at least five hectares of vegetation. The blaze spread from a reed bed and quickly engulfed a vast area of the nature reserve. Firefighters, who intervened late Friday afternoon, took about twelve hours to contain the fire and tame the flames driven by the wind. Forestry workers, volunteers, and the Noto Civil Protection also joined the effort. An excavator was used to create a firebreak to try to contain the fire, which repeatedly threatened to spiral out of control. Law enforcement has launched an investigation to determine the cause of the fire, with the possibility of arson not being ruled out. The magistrates of the Siracusa Prosecutor’s Office are conducting an inquiry into the latest fire to hit the natural area. This incident adds to the ongoing wildfire emergency in Sicily, which seems to have no end in sight even in November, just two months after previous devastating fires in the province of Siracusa.

Grosso incendio nella riserva naturale di Vendicari, fiamme domate dopo dodici ore

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