Major fire between Trabia and Termini Imerese: highway section closed, traffic severely impacted

A vast fire broke out in Trabia, Italy, engulfing hectares of Mediterranean scrub. Firefighters, the forest service, and civil protection were called in to combat the rapidly spreading fire, fueled by strong southerly winds. The fire reached the A19 highway, prompting its closure and diverting traffic to the Trabia exit on the SS113 road. This resulted in heavy traffic and long delays in Trabia and Termini Imerese. The mayor of Trabia ordered the closure of all schools. In Villafranca Tirrena, another fire endangered the A20 highway and nearby service areas. The mayor closed all schools and urged residents to evacuate. The fires also reached the town center, forcing many residents to flee their homes.

Grosso incendio tra Trabia e Termini Imerese: chiuso un tratto dell’autostrada, traffico in tilt

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