Maiorana, the work of the continuity assistance service is almost completed

Regarding the note of the municipal councilors of opposition to the municipality of Buseto Palizzolo Mayor Roberto Maiorana (who is also councilor for Civil Protection and Health) informed us that “ the works relating to the energy efficiency project started in November 2020 and are affecting the entire Palazzo Comunale, including the part of the building where the Health Center is located where the service in question is carried out. In the planning of the works, as regards this part, the replacement of the fixtures, in addition to the thermal coat, has been foreseen , and in order to create the least possible inconvenience, we proceeded in agreement with the ASP, concentrating the operations in a single phase “. The first citizen of Buseto also underlines how his administration “ together with the UTC manager spoke with the technical and health management of the ASP proposing some alternative temporary solutions, which roughly correspond to those premises that have been hypothesized in the document produced by the minority group of the council. After having carried out an inspection and carefully evaluated, the ASP, motivating the decision with problems mainly related to the safety of the places, considered that the best solution, as temporary, was to transfer the Presidium Continuity Assistance at the Valderice facility, a few kilometers from Buseto. The 118 emergency service, mentioned in the document, – continues Maiorana- has an operational station in Buseto Palizzolo, provided by the Municipality, operational from 8 to 20; after this time the service is still guaranteed by the neighboring stations, and certainly will not be canceled “ . In closing, the mayor thanked “ the Councilors of the minority council for the attention paid to the subject, it is considered their duty to reassure them, together with the entire citizenry, ensuring that the work is almost completed, and certainly not in phase initial as alleged, and that all actions are being taken that will allow the restoration of the premises and related activities, rightly considered essential for public health, in the shortest possible time “.