Mafioso demands refund and apology after a disappointing dining experience in Blitz Trapani

During an anti-mafia investigation in Trapani, Italian investigators came across a small extortion case involving 50 euros. The main participants are Gioacchino Barraco, one of the suspects, and Pietro Armando Bonanno, who has a conviction for murder and mafia association. The investigators accused both of them of extortion. On March 10, 2022, Barraco and Bonanno forced a Trapani restaurant owner to refund 50 euros as compensation for Bonanno’s dissatisfaction with the food. In a phone call, Bonanno expressed his anger and asked for “reparation.” Barraco later informed Bonanno that the restaurant owner was willing to return 40 euros and even buy meat from Barraco’s butcher shop. True to their word, the next day, the restaurant owner visited Bonanno’s shop, apologized, and returned the 50 euros. Pietro Armando Bonanno is a convicted murderer and mafia associate with ties to the Trapani mafia family. He has been involved in various anti-mafia investigations and was arrested in Argentina in 2005 after a year on the run. He had fled Italy the day after the final conviction for murder, which carried a life sentence. Bonanno is also believed to be responsible for the 1988 murder of Pietro Ingoglia in Trapani.

Blitz a Trapani, il mafioso non mangia bene al ristorante e pretende il rimborso e le scuse

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